Puppy Pictures


..........Doodles are like CHEESE DOODLES...ya can't just have one............


"Are you lookin' at ME?"                                  NOSEY noses          big               My silly girl.                          You gonna play or what?!

                                          Baby Sitting

                             after a long morning hunting....                                                   Buddy Babysitting               

                                                                      behind the scenes......            

                              Varooka...a beautiful girl...                                                                                        "Ready or not here I come"


                                            boys playing                       Bonding                         Peanut butter and Jelly        PB &J                   jelly

              Ok the age old myth is finally broken...they are not "ankle biters"  they are~ toes are tasters!!!!


                                   A comfy Spot

                                       Doesn't every one LOVE SNOW?????   How 'bout leaves???   yup It's SNOW  

                      Buddy with pups                                                                                                              Varooka

                                             I never eat alone                                                  Nor do we sleep alone.....


                                                      The Weikert Family enjoying "puppy play time"

                                             late for dinner                                                          Weikert Family

                                    Gunner and Vanilla                                                   home at last!!!  maybe he is a LION

                                          Nilla and Jake                                                   how fast they grow     still looks like a LION

                                                                                    Benny and His Humans

Emily hard at work supervising her humans, nap inspector...dish inspector...couch inspector...and most important...the smooch inspector..

                                           "'common, I got your car ready ,got my leash on, what more do you need????



        Pierre and Catherine                                                                                  "I wasn't in the mud"

                                                                              Best Friends  

                                            Breathing dust mops....                                

                                                               they do NOT dig holes in the yard....




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