Puppies and their People

here are some of our pups with their new families and just a little feedback in their own words....

Hi Maggie 

I thought you would like to see how Smokey (formerly Mia) is doing … she’s very sweet and has gained 9 pounds since we brought her home! She sleeps w my son every night and spends her cays playing with Beans, our Boston Terrier.

 Thanks again,


I am so sorry that we haven't been in touch sooner.  Just wanted to let you know how wonderful everything is going with Zulie.  She continues to be an absolutely amazing dog.  She is very popular in our neighborhood, too- all the dogs and kids want to come to our house to play with Zulie.  Over the summer, we went on vacation and our neighbors took care of her for us.  Well, one of the boys in the neighborhood would ride over on his bike every day to play with her.  Our neighbor told us one day he just laid on the lawn and petted her for 15 minutes.  And her girlfriend Bella (an Australian Shepard), b-lines to our house on every walk, whether it be 7 in the morning or 11 at night, so she and Zulie can play.
An even though Ellie lives about 40 minutes away, Melissa brings her by on occasion so the 2 of them can play, and then we take them  to Mondaug Bark Park, a great dog park about 5 minutes from our house.  Zulie is still a little shy around a large group of dogs, but loves to just run around the park and take in all the smells.  Ellie is very social and really enjoys playing with lots of dogs.  She got very friendly with a black great Dane puppy (really, about 135 pounds and 5 feet tall!) this past weekend!
Here are some pictures we've taken over the past few months:
We couldn't be happier with her and hope you see that she is getting lots of love.
Take care and hope all is well on Hidden Hill!
The Hopkins family


Wishing you and your growing family a very happy Thanksgiving.  We have much to be grateful for and included in that is Sophie. She is a total delight. We thought you'd like this picture of Sophie enjoying the breeze at the Jersey Shore. 

Hi Maggie,

Recently visited your website and noticed a couple of familiar faces. Last time we saw Zoey was when we were deciding on which pup to pick: her or her brother, Hunter. We must confess, it was a difficult decision, as both were so perfect in every sense of the way. It is nice to see pictures of her all grown up, happy with her loving family.

We are glad to report that Hunter had a seamless transition into our home. As predicted, the children adore him and he is just as interested in returning the love. Hunter has grown to be a “gentle giant” (60 Lbs and counting) and has won the hearts of anyone he encounters. Latest example: spent last weekend hiking the Appalachian Trail at the Delaware Gap and were stopped by numerous hikers expressing their admiration. Most (including our veterinarian) are struck by his superior intelligence, outmost friendliness, and joyful disposition. Smart, gentle, loving, loyal, ready to please; all attributes of a great doodle and certainly so much more.  We attached some of our favorite pictures including : All our children, Summer fun, the Poo(d)l(e) boy and With my best friend.

Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful friend.


The Bazsa family


Maggie,  I AM SO SORRY that this has taken me so long!  I have no excuses, just that life if busy and full.  Zoey is doing great and has been quite a wonderful addition to our family.  Of course, the first 6 weeks or so were a little rough but we have definitely adjusted and can't imagine our lives without her.  I've included a few pictures so you can see how big she has grown.  She is quite a clown doing silly things like rolling on her back down a pretty steep hill to scratch her back.  She loves to be outside and in her one "vacation" at a kennel--they commented that she was always the last dog to come in.  She is definitely a thief and so does not yet have the run of the house (since I can't trust her!) but only has to use her crate when we leave the house.  At night, she sleeps in our room and we wake up to the sound of her rummaging in either mine or Scott's  closet for something to chew on.  She weighs about 45 pounds and is a very solid dog.  She loves to play with us as well as her neighborhood "friends"  especially Charlie the apricot poodle next door.  We are working on getting an invisible fence sometime this fall so she can be outside without a rope when we are outside and she can run around on her own. 

I just wanted to FINALLY send you some pictures and to say thank you for such a wonderful dog!! 


Linda Thorbahn

PS  Remember us when you are ready to look for a home for Lucy!!!


 Hi Maggie!

Thought you might like to see how beautiful your little doodle is. She is about 17 pounds now, but not a big eater. Brulee is just the best. I can't get enough of her. She's an awesome playmate and companion for my son
Blake:) She loves people my son says she's human happy. Dog school is going great and she loves to practice what we learn. She also knows how to give hugs & kisses....she really gives you a hug if you ask her. She lays around like a polar bear and loves belly rubs. One more funny thing she loves to watch Animal Planet and she looks around the sides of the TV when the dogs do off the screen and then she goes back to the couch to keep watching the show.

I have a friend who would like to get a mini doodle. I may also like to get another. Any chance you will be having any spring minis in crème, apricot, or red? A small medium may also work for me in those colors or the brown and white combination. Let me know what the future looks like.

Thanks again for breeding such a perfect pooch! She has been the perfect replacement for our wonderful 16 year old Maltese. We had to put him down a month ago and she made it less painful. It would have been an awful time without her.

Mary Jo

As you can see, Stuart's fitting in well in our family...thanks again...we just love him!!
Tina Bobbyn


Hey Maggie!
My husband and I bought our Labradoodle, Beacon, from you back in March. We are so in love with him and cannot wait to get him a friend!
We were wondering if you had any available puppies/dogs for sale.
Attached are some pictures of Beacon. We get so many compliments on how beautiful and well tempered he is. We could not have asked for a better dog! =) He is a very spoiled pooch! We cannot thank you enough for letting us take him home. Keep me posted with any info on pups for sale! Thanks!
Christine & Ken Grassia

Hey there!  I've been terrible about keeping in touch.  Just wanted to check in and say how happy we are with our pups.  They are so much fun and even the big guy is starting to settle down.  Maddie has perfect manners.  She is just a sweetheart.  Thank you for trusting us with her.  The kids are always asking if we can bring the dogs to visit you.  They are dying to see all their friends on the farm.  Hope all is well with your son.  I was showing the kids the pictures on the website of all the pups.  Looks like you have some different kinds.  We get so many compliments on our dogs and I always refer them to you.  I can't imagine why anyone would buy a dog from anyone else.  All the news about the president-elect looking for a dog has got Belle saying, "Why don't they just go see Miss Maggie?  She has the best dogs."  I couldn't agree with her more.  I attached a couple of pictures.  The got a haircut recently and they look a little tiny to me.  Keep in touch, Courtney

Hi Maggie,

Thought you would like to see a picture of "IKE" aka "Hags".  He is growing by leaps and bounds and is absolutely adorable.  He has adapted to our busy lifestyle without missing a beat, and, of course, he goes everywhere we go (and expects to do so!).   On those rare occasions when he 'must' stay home, he is very vocal about the situation.  He needs to be where we are, and that's fine with us!  As you can see in this picture, he is a very 'princely' fellow.  I have never seen a puppy sit so straight all of the time.   Everyone who sees him makes that same comment.  He is definitely a 'Top Dog'!

Best regards,

Judy Snoke


So sorry we haven't been keeping you updated.  Zulie is a dream come true for our family.  What an amazing dog.  She is very smart- learned the electric fence so well, is very good about destroying only her toys, and is friendly and affectionate.  She has gained about 10 pounds and looks great.  We both work during the day, but we have a retired neighbor across the street that comes over at least once during the day to let her out and play with her.  And, God forbid, if we aren't home by 6:30, he comes over and feeds her.  She seems to be more comfortable with other dogs now (was a little shy at first), and will play, or not, depending upon their lead.  My friend Melissa took Ellie on a beach vacation a few weeks back, and kept her 13 1/2 year old golden lab, Chloe, with us.  Zulie was great with Chloe, who is having a hard time getting around these days.  She didn't pester her or try to play to much with her- they had a great time pretty much just exploring the yard together and hanging out. 

All of us are having a great time playing with her.  Our other dog was fantastic, but not a retriever or much of a player.  Zulie loves to lead the races around the yard and, obviously, will chase and retrieve just about anything.  She has this one habit when she wants attention of nibbling at whatever she can reach of you- it is very cute.

She is the best- we don't know how to thank you for sharing her with us.

We hope all is well on the farm- we'd love to come up and visit sometime if that wouldn't be a problem. 

Take care!

The Hopkins family

Maggie -

I just saw last night that my home computer is not sending out my emails!  So I had emailed you right back after you sent me the info on her mom and dad, and I tried to send a few picts of wonderful Emily, and here you never got them!

I'll send a few now, and as I said in my other email - a couple are not great quality as I took them with my phone - but they are just so cute that I wanted you to see them.  One was on the ride home from your place, and the other on the ride back from visiting my parents in MD.

Thanks again for our most wonderful pup!


Dear Maggie,
Just wanted to let you know "Vanilla" is doing great!  He is absolutely adorable, and his disposition is wonderful.  We just love him.  Gunner is doing a great job taking care of Vanilla.  In the one picture, Gunner is sitting with him after his bath.  The German Shepard, Jake, is taken with Vanilla (to everyone's shock!) and even lets him chew on his tail and lick his ears.  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.
Aprilaurie, Terry, TJ, and Gunner Jankouskas


Maggie,  I think we have a success story.  My grandson, Aidan, who is allergic to everything seems to have a new best friend, Rain.  She has been kissing him and no breakouts, which usually happens within minutes and it's been hours.  My granddaughter Taegen told me Rain is the best Christmas present ever.
Thank You


"Not a problem, it's 10:00 pm, Trooper is sound asleep in his crate all by himself.  He had a good day today, only 2 little accidents in the house.  One was not even his fault, Chloe told him to go potty, and he immediately did on the living room carpet.  He's such a good listener.  He now is getting bolder and chases the cat around the circle in my house.  He really is a darling puppy,
Thanks, also I gave your name out at my vet, there was someone there looking for a Labradoodle.


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have Zim as a member of the family.  He is WONDERFUL!!!  He is so good with the kids!  He does nip, but he is a puppy.  Grace loves to hug and lay on the floor with him and he allows it.  When I am preparing his meal, he sits patiently.  
Thank you so much.  He is well loved and cared for.

Hi Maggie,

Here are some pictures of our girl Ginger.  She is the sweetest and most loving dog we've ever seen.  The kids are just thrilled with her.  She is VERY mellow and relaxed in our home, which is great (you can see from some of the pics how mellow she is).  Just wanted to let you know she is doing great.  She cries a little at night when it's bedtime but that is to be expected.  Thank you again for your help - Ginger is a wonderful addition to our family!

Erich & Lorri O'Dell

Hi Maggie,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say Bijou is doing great!  She is such a bundle of love (and energy).  Everyone in my family and the neighborhood has been over to see her.
Thanks again for everything and we'll send you periodic updates.


Hello, did I tell you how great Cookie is doing today. Simply a ray of sunshine. We could not have ordered up a better puppy across the board. I think she has even made Maggie much happier, I highly recommend people to have more than one!! This by far is my most favorite breed to date. Not to mention the need for an allergy friendly dog.
Enjoy the photo's, yes, you know I had to buy a new camera before Cookie got any bigger.
Thanks, Sue


Hi Maggie--
I thought that I would send you a quick update.  We have had our puppy for two weeks now and we have named him Edison.  One of his favorite things is to play in the leaf pile with our three girls.  I have attached a few pictures for you!
Thanks again!


Maggie, as you can see "Lucy" is doing great! The kids love her, thanks

Eddie Somers

We donated a pup to the Welch Family. Melissa is a hospice social worker and their pup will under go "Pet Therapy " training....just what the doodle was bred to do.

Ellie will also be involved with the Children's Hospital rehab program...how exciting for the children!!!!

Hailey will be the "home caretaker" for the pup. She had a blast picking out their special girl...Which One?    

Stay tuned for lots of updates... 



Hope all is well!  Are those new pics on the website some of Ellie's siblings?  Any takers yet for the 3 left?  I have been trying to get the word out what wonderful dogs they are!!  Ellie is just a little love!  She loves long walks!!  We get a kick out of watching her submerge her whole snout in the water bowl and blow bubbles.  As Kenny says..."kids will be kids!".  Chloe actually now looks to go in and "spar" with her.  She just gives a bark when she has had enough.  The two like to lay in the sun together too!  She is my little girl- very attached to me, which is good for the pet therapy.  I was on the phone with a trainer the other day and she talked with me about how important it is that we are attached to each other!  She is learning simple commands, but mostly we are still just having fun puppy play.  She loves to chase Hailey and our neighbor around the yard!  The kids love it too.  Gets them all tired!!  Take care and will keep you updated.  She is just an amazing little pooch!




I just wanted you to know that two of your pooches walked in the Purple Stride 5K walk on Nov. 1st.  Ellie and Zulie walked with me and Ruth and our kids to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer research.  They were the most well behaved dogs on the walk!!!  Even Ellie!!!!!  People were asking about them.  I did let everyone know Ellie is in training to become a pet therapy dog.  She was pooped on the way home.  She and Hailey slept the whole trip back home!


some of our donated dogs....doing what doodles were designed to do!!!!!!

Hidden Hill's Mogley: Mogers is going to live with Catherine and her Husband Todd. She gets his love and undivided attention 24-7 and I get to use him from time to time to make more little fur balls. New friends in my life and new friends in her life...sounds like a win - win no matter how you spin it!

Hi Maggie,         Thank you for your phone call and congratulations with your new litter!   It's A Beautiful Thing       
Here is my walk (http://www.mslifelines.com/living-well/personal-stories/catherine.jsp) since being diagnosed in 00'.   We all may inspire and impact the lives of many by simply being who we are and the genuine acts of kindness we extend...you have done all of this for me and my husband and I thank you for that!
Rest and enjoy your day.  We'll see you tomorrow!

HHF Bailey's Irish Crème

Bailey is now in her new home with Eleanor, who is legally blind and is finding life with Bailey so "Completely Wonderful"...may they always have each other to lean on....

Malcolm and Scott - These boys live for each other!!! they complete each others lives....This is exactly what the Doodle was designed to do...Impatiently waiting outside the bathroom door....

 These dogs take no time fitting into you lifestyle or your hearts.


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