These are the Lovely Ladies of Hidden Hill.

Our website is full of pictures just click on the "Names "and "blue Highlighted words "for pictures and the Breed association letters  "ApHC" for pedigrees.

Enchanted Moon Dancer - ApHC - FPD 100% Dancer is certainly a wonderful surprise filly. The last foal from Pauly the world will ever see.

Sire :  Pale Winter Moon

Dam : Enchanted Gabriele by : Ghost Winds El Bravo -  Cactus   APPsolutely  Handsome X Echo's Sugar Bear  sugar

 Hidden Hill's Nokomus  ApHC  Filly   Filly A beauty to say the least. as sweet as her mama...

August 2011 Noko      June 2012 strike a pose beautiful...     

Sire : Pale Winter Moon

Dam : Cheyenne Moneypenny 

Hidden Hill's M'a Min - ApHC - CRHA - ApSHA- Sundance 500- FPD 80% Min is a beauty to say the least. Very easy on the eyes, but what a stinker...but she got get that from her daddy! She got his head too....

2 months     yearling.beautiful  

in the show for pictures....and standings.    Summer 2012

Sire : Hidden Hill's MaTo [now gelded] Grand Sire : Wap Spotted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         dam : Heavens Above

Cheyenne Moneypenny - ApHC -FPD 60% Cheye is a lovely mare. She was or first baby here at Hidden Hill. Very sweet and willing mare. She is our baby sitter, when our family comes up to the farm it is always Cheye they ask for to ride!

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